A Look at Different Upholstery Materials

Furniture such as armchairs and sofa are covered with an upholstery material that offer different colors, patterns, designs, and textures. The materials can either be of synthetic (man-made) or natural fabrics. As such, this avails a wide selection of different types of fabric in various qualities. Top natural upholstery material fabric include those made of cotton and wool while synthetic fabrics include those made from acetate and acrylic.

A. Synthetic Upholstery Materials
Man-made fabrics are generally manufactured materials. Some of these types of fabrics can be expensive based on their qualities; however, most synthetic upholstery fabrics are cheaper than the natural ones. Manufactured upholstery materials are made from either chemicals or the combination of chemicals and naturally forming fibers. The latter usually products a material that has a look and feel that is similar to natural fibers. They have can last longer than natural fabrics and are easier to clean and manage hence are a top choice for furniture used in high-traffic area. Top synthetic upholstery materials include polyester, acetate, nylon, acrylic, and rayon.

B. Natural Upholstery Materials
Natural upholstery fabrics are either made of animal or plant fibers with each having unique attributes to its qualities.

Plant fiber upholstery materials have made through a process that breaks down plants materials to form strands of fabric. Common fabrics made from plant fiber include those made of linen, cotton, and hemp among others with cotton being a top choice because of its high resistance qualities and smooth texture. Linen is also top choice because it is high durable than cotton with also a smooth texture though with a lower resistance to heat.

Animal fiber upholstery materials have quite a good number of choices for making exquisite furniture. Silk is one of the most know animal fiber that has a classy elegant look and finish. It has an excellent absorption quality. Wool is also another common animal fiber used to make upholstery materials and can be made from different animals not just sheep. As such, woolen upholstery materials will have various qualities depending on which animal's wool is used.

Leather and suede are also a common choice of some of the most elegant and expensive furniture. Suede for instance has an excellent velvety texture with a smooth appearance, soft to the touch and very durable. Leather on the other hand, offers a glossy finish and is a top choice for many executive furniture.